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August-October 2020

Dutch organisations invest heavily in compliance – but in vain

A lack of cooperation between IT, operations and security teams is the biggest stumbling block to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in the Netherlands. Unified endpoint management and security supplier Tanium investigated the country’s state of compliance with GDPR two years after the EU law was introduced. The most striking conclusion from Tanium’s study was that big expenditure does not lead to better compliance. Despite spending millions on compliance programmes, more than 90% of Dutch companies are discovering weaknesses in the IT environment that make them vulnerable to data breaches and fines. Wytze Rijkmans, regional vice-president at Tanium, suggested that organisations lack an overview of data security. “There is no unambiguous picture between IT, operations and security,” he said. “At many companies, these departments are siloed so that one team does not know what is happening in the other.” Rijkmans also said there is a lack of the right tools and platforms. “Organisations mainly work with point ...

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