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November 2021-January 2022

Dutch education administrators underestimate threat of cyber crime

Dutch educational institutions are increasingly becoming victims of cyber crime. A recent incident involved ROC Mondriaan, a secondary vocational education institute in The Hague region, which had to start the school year with a limp in September after being hit by a hack. According to research by Kantar, commissioned by IT organisation Breens Network, Dutch education administrators keep underestimating the threat of cyber crime. Digitisation in education is increasing rapidly, not least as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Netherlands has high-quality, digitised processes and an intricate communications infrastructure that many educational institutions were quick to exploit when the health crisis erupted. Reports of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, digital break-ins and ransomware have also increased in the education sector. In fact, many institutions have to deal with such attacks on a regular basis. This was reason enough for Breens Network, a Dutch IT service provider in the education sector, to ...

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