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  • The CISO Power List, 2012

    Our CISO Power List for 2012 brings you the who’s who in the Indian information security scene. Join us, as we pay tribute to India’s top 15 CISOs.

  • Cloud Expo Europe 2012

    As cloud computing moves higher up the IT professional's agenda, Cloud Expo Europe is becoming increasingly popular. Here are photos from 2012's Expo.

  • A look into the future with Samsung

    Samsung revealed a plethora of new gadgets at CES and ComputerWeekly picked the best to show how they could revolutionise the way you work and play.

  • Review of IntelliJ IDEA, a Java IDE

    IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE from the Czech company JetBrains, that has survived thanks to a design philosophy centred on being smart but not annoying.

  • The best smartphones for 2012

    Fresh from CES, here are some of the handsets than you can expect to see a lot more of in 2012.

  • CES 2012 - Rise of the ultrabooks

    CES 2012 has been dominated by ultrabooks. The ultimate machines when it comes to mobile computing. Here are seven of the best.

  • 10 predictions for CES 2012 Las Vegas

    Here at ComputerWeekly we are all set for CES 2012 Las Vegas but before we pack our bags and jet off here are 10 things we are expecting to see.

  • BBC Domesday Touchtable unveiled

    Two technologies met to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1986 BBC Domesday Project, with the 2011 BBC Domesday Reloaded Project being revealed last week.

  • The UKtech50: The top 20

    Following on from our successful afternoon yesterday, where we unveiled the most influential people within the UK IT industry, ComputerWeekly brings you the lowdown on the top 20.

  • Highlights from the Social Media Awards

    Computer Weekly's Social Media Awards 2011 proved to be extremely popular but just in case you missed it here are a few pictures from the night.

  • The Social Media Awards - The Winners!

    Computer Weekly's search for the best use of social media in IT is finally over after hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes we now have the winners and the Social Media Champion - Kate Craig-Wood, of cloud computing firm Memset.

  • 10 Reasons to consider the Nokia Lumia 800 for business

    Nokia is hoping that their new relationship with Windows Phone will come good in 2012. Following the release of the Lumia 800 yesterday, here at we’ve compiled 10 reasons Nokia are moving in a new direction.

  • A showcase of Nokia goodies from QT Developer Day

    With co-located ‘sister’ events in Munich this October, followed by a subsequent US event held in San Francisco in early November, Nokia Qt has started off its 2011 Developer Days event programme. Qt is a cross-platform application and user interface framework that extends well outside of smartphones into tablet, desktop PC and embedded deployments.

  • Photos: Best features of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich - Android 4.0

    Google has introduced the latest version of its mobile operating system (OS), Android 4.O, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Windows Server 8 Preview

    Microsoft has previewed the next version of Windows Server, which the company says is optimised for the cloud. The preview is not feature-complete, but the key features are in place and most changes are likely to be in user interface detail and of course fixing bugs. There are three big themes: management, virtualisation and storage, says Tim Anderson, who takes a close look at the new server OS.

  • Photos: Business apps for the iPhone

    In this photo story we look at the apps that make the iPhone a business smartphone.

  • Photos: The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

    There have been rumours for a long time that Amazon would release a tablet – and now here is the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, with minimum specs but maximum content.

  • Windows 8: A first look at new features for business users

    A first look at Windows 8 from Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, shows what enterprise users can expect.

  • Photos: Sony S and P Tablets unveiled ready to battle the iPad 2

    Although they may be similar in terms of their specifications the S and P look completely different. Impressively, Sony have managed to make them both individually distinctive, stylish and attractive.

  • Photos: From launch to loser - the 14 fastest-failing tech products

    A year ago HP spent billions buying up Palm with a view to venturing into the world of tablets and smartphones only to announce that it is discontinuing its consumer oriented computer business. The demise of the Touchpad and other WebOS devices has prompted us here at Computer Weekly to compile a list of some other notable gadget failures.

  • Photos: The downfall of Nokia – 11 reasons why it is doing so badly

    Nokia has been in trouble for some time now – even before Stephen Elop’s leaked memo – and so far things haven’t improved. Here are 10 reasons why.

  • Photos: Top 10 world events that became Twitter milestones

    Founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006, Twitter has gone on to accumulate over 200 million users world wide and we’ve highlighted 10 events that, for various reasons, are significant milestones in the mircoblogging services’ history.

  • Photos: BlackBerry unveils its new smartphone range

    BlackBerry has unveiled five new smartphones to combat Apple and HTC's dominance in the smartphone market.

  • Photos: 20 years of websites - the defining moments of the web

    Tim Berners-Lee published the first ever website on 6 August 1991 - we look back at some of the key milestones of the past 20 years that have helped to make the web such a ubiquitous part of everyday life.