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Podcast: The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload – Episode 12

In this week’s episode of The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, the team discusses SuiteWorld 2019, NetSuite’s annual user conference, the government’s introduction of internet safety regulations and the complex journey from collecting data to using it for insight

In this week’s episode of the Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, Angelica Mari joins Brian McKenna and Clare McDonald, in Caroline Donnelly’s absence, to talk about government intervention in internet regulation, Clare’s trip to SuiteWorld and how businesses can put data to good use.

  • Clare kicks off by talking about her trip to SuiteWorld 2019 in Las Vegas. This year’s event had a dedicated women in business track, sparking a discussion amongst the team about the competitive nature of business in the US, drawing comparisons between the world of business and the world of sport.
  • Angelica shares her knowledge about the women in tech landscape in Brazil, and how startups are helping to break down gender stereotypes in the technology industry.
  • Brian – aka Mr Data – talks data “yet again” about data. Drawing on his recent trip to San Francisco, he explains how many of the companies he saw there are working to help businesses move from collecting data to using it effectively.
  • Angelica talks about her previous broadcast endeavours, and fills the team in on the first government regulations for online safety. She also shares more about data ethics and the discussion at the most recent Computer Weekly CW500 club meeting.
  • Clare also gets a little bit too excited about having spent two minutes playing with some puppies.

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