A guide to Alexa smart home integration


Alexa: Custom smart home controls built into Ha-Bridge

Source:  Computer Weekly

HA-Bridge supports Hue lighting and the Logitech Harmony hub universal remote control. It needs to know the IP address of these devices to work and the developer recommends making them static IP addresses in your router's configuration, to avoid them changing.

Once discovered by HA-Bridge, the devices connected to these hubs can be made available to Alexa. In the case of the Harmony hub, an activity, comprising orchestrating a startup sequence for several home entertainment devices, can be run with just one voice command. 

Logitech now has an Alexa skill available in the UK for its Harmony universal remote control, which means I can now say: “Alexa, tell Harmony to turn on the TV.” But HA-Bridge is more flexible…

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