Computer Weekly/TechTarget UK IT priorities 2020


Computer Weekly/TechTarget UK IT Priorities 2020: Datacentre management

On-premise datacentres remain the most prevalent deployment environment for enterprise IT workloads, despite IT leaders across the UK and Ireland setting out plans to devote more of their budgets to cloud migration projects.

The data suggests private datacentres will remain a key component of the wider IT strategies for enterprises for a long time to come, with IT decision-makers setting out plans elsewhere in the research to invest in areas that will serve to beef up the security and improve the efficiency and performance of their facilities.

To this point, respondents to the survey were asked to pinpoint all infrastructure management tools they intend to invest in over the coming year, with security (41%), monitoring (31%) and automation (27%) technologies emerging as the top three types they plan to purchase in 2020.

The area flagged by the least amount of respondents was investing in edge computing environments, despite this being an area that respondents flagged in other areas of the poll as being centrally important to delivering on their internet of things (IoT) strategies and network-related infrastructure upgrades.

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