Humans are the ultimate mobile platform – pictures from Intel Developer Forum 2013


All the fun of the (trade) fair

Source:  Adrian Bridgwater

Intel Developer Forum is excellent in terms of “forum” and unsurprisingly strong on “Intel”, but you have to go looking into the solutions showcase and the sessions for the “developer” factor. Not that this is a complaint, but Intel is still most excited about its hardware prowess and its microprocessor design, which once again, it would be hard to castigate the firm for in all fairness. 

The developer factor and the software and service factor are ever growing for Intel and its ability to work with parallelism and concurrency in terms of programming complexity is the envy of many – you probably won’t hear about it in the keynotes though. A good event all round and very tightly and professionally managed. You even get a beer and hot dog, so what’s not to like? 

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