Five steps to turn Windows 8 into Windows 7


Step 1: Download Classic Start 8

Source:  Classic Start 8

Classic Start 1 is a free download available via the Windows Store in Windows 8, which adds a Start menu. The Start button appears when you click on Desktop in Windows 8.

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in reply to dave. windows 8 sucks!! I cant do anything I need to. its slow theres no start button and theres abunch of junk that comes on it. they try and sync your life on it and im not for telling the world what im doing on my own god damn computer. Microsoft should refund all the customers that got ripped off by this bullshit machine.


Seriously, Windows 8 is not as bad as you are trying to make it out to be. I can tell you are inexperienced with computers, as you are blaming the "machine" (see your last sentence) and the fact that there is no start button (instead it's right there in the same place, you know, the left hand corner) to take up screen real estate. also, syncing and sharing only give out or "share" what you put into it. If you don't want "the world" to know you have Windows 8, (which the only way we would know that is if you complain about it in a public forum) then DON'T TELL US. The "syncing" is for back up purposes only, like an online system restore should your computer ever expire (which given your absent grasp of terminology might be more often then others) your Operating System key and purchases made through the app store can be recovered effortlessly by simply LOGGING IN WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU SET UP WINDOWS 8 WITH. I myself was admittedly reticent to use Windows 8 before actually using it, but the minor inconveniences are barely noticeable. I would love to see how you reacted when rotary phones stopped being used.