Open source review: Ubuntu OS 12.04 LTS


Unity’s heads-up display

Source:  Canonical

Reminiscent of Apple OS X “Spotlight”, the Heads-Up Display's (HUD)  transparent search function is a quick way to find files, applications and system functions on a machine as well as execute commands in an application.

The important thing about the HUD is that it lets you search the menus, so you don’t need to know that, for example, “Value Propagate” is in Gimp’s “Filters > Enhance” submenu, you can just type what you want to do and it searches for you.

It is interesting to note that Canonical has steadfastly stood behind the LibreOffice fork since moving from OpenOffice at the start of 2011. After Oracle officially ceased commercial development of OpenOffice in April 2011, LibreOffice has since cultivated an ecosystem to support the true lifeblood of the free productivity application suite.

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