A first look: Windows 8 consumer preview


Starting up Windows

Source:  Microsoft

The contentious new Start menu is key to understanding Microsoft's goals. The new Windows has two modes of operation. The first, sometimes called Metro-style, or the Immersive UI, is designed primarily for tablets and touch control, though Microsoft claims that it is equally easy to use with mouse and keyboard. The Start menu is on the Metro side, and features large chunky buttons, borrowing from the Windows Phone 7 user interface, and including the same Live Tile concept which allows applications to show updates and notifications within the buttons themselves.

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I can start Aps Programs 
But I can't close them 
Apart from pushing the start button.


 You have to drag the window from the top to the bottom to close it.


I had been using windows 8 consumer preview since it  was release till a few days ago. You can tell it was designed for touch screen. I  used it with a mouse and keyboard. After getting used to it i found that it took longer to do things compared to windows 7 and can get annoying when moving files and doing things fast because you pretty much have two types of OS mixed together. However im sure its decent on a tablet just not as on your main computer.