Review of Visual Studio Lightswitch


Lightswitch relationship manager

Source:  Microsoft

Lightswitch relationship manager

The Lightswitch relationship manager is excellent. You can set up "many" to "one" relationships and specify either cascading deletes, where deleting a parent record deletes all related records, or restricted deletes that disallow deletion of a parent record while related records exist. A plain English description explains the difference. Many relationships are not directly supported, but can be achieved via intermediate tables. There is still the question though of whether a typical business person will work out what tables they need when designing an application. Real-world applications tend to have lots of tables, and getting the database design right is not trivial.


Visual Studio Lightswitch is a simplified self-service development tool,” says Microsoft’s corporate vice-president of Visual Studio, Jason Zander. Microsoft has its eye on the Access market, a tool for non-specialists who need to throw together a quick database application

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