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Security Think Tank: Let’s hope for treaty on online norms

At the close of 2018, we asked CW Security Think Tank contributors to name one thing predicted for 2018 that did not happen, one thing that was not predicted but did happen, and one thing that should happen in 2019 but probably will not

One thing predicted for 2018 that did not happen

A hugely damaging ransomware attack to rival NotPetya or WannaCry. Fortunately, it didn’t happen – but why? Did organisations pay attention and strengthen defences, or is there an army of connected things hiding at home and waiting to be unleashed?

One thing that was not predicted and did happen 

The collapse of major valuations since this time last year. Was this an inevitable result of a ballooning marketplace with cryptocurrency minimal governance, or will the tenacity of the HODLers be repaid with riches? 

One thing that should happen in 2019, but probably will not

Any agreement among major cyber powers regarding online norms of behaviour. With trade wars unfolding and geopolitical tensions increasing, cooperation looks unlikely on any major cyber security issues, except perhaps for law enforcement.

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