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Daisy Group saves on datacentre cooling costs through five-year EkkoSense deal

Daisy Group claims to have already seen sizeable cost savings on the back of its push to improve its datacentre cooling procedures across five UK facilities

Daisy Group claims to have saved £115,000 in the first few months of its five-year push to drive down cooling costs across its UK datacentre portfolio.

The cloud and telco service provider operates five datacentres in Aston, Farnborough, Hamilton, Romford and Wapping, and claims to be already reaping the financial rewards of optimising its cooling procedures and capabilities across these sites.

This is on the back of the firm signing a five-year contract with Nottinghamshire-based Ekkosense, which specialises in the provision of managed datacentre-focused thermal optimisation services.

EkkoSense is working with Daisy Group to increase its datacentre cooling capacity, while reducing the amount of energy consumed by the equipment responsible for keeping the sites running at optimum temperatures.

To achieve this, the firm is using a mix of internet of things (IoT) enabled sensors and cloud-based 3D thermal visualisation and monitoring software, combined with site visits and monthly compliance reports, to keep the thermal performance of Daisy’s facilities in check.

“We knew from past projects that EkkoSense is able to help us reduce our operational exposure to thermal risks. This was a key factor when we decided to extend our engagement to cover our five datacentres as part of a managed service,” commented

Michael Sheridan, head of facilities at Daisy Group, said the firm’s past dealings with Ekkosense on other standalone projects convinced it to extend its partnership with the firm to include all five of its datacentres. “So far, we have secured better than expected data centre cooling energy savings, with £115,000 already secured, and more to come as we continue to benefit from ongoing optimisation,” he said.

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James Kirkwood, head of critical services at EkkoSense, said the five-year deal should position Daisy to take a more proactive stance on addressing its datacentre cooling requirements.

“By applying the real-time, rack-level thermal data gathered by our IoT sensors we can ensure Daisy is not only protected from potential datacentre thermal risks, but that they are also in a position to develop much more proactive datacentre power, cooling and space capacity strategies,” said Kirkwood.

“It’s great that Daisy has already achieved such impressive datacentre cooling energy savings through our managed service partnership, and we look forward to securing additional savings and benefits as the project progresses.”

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