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National Police Technology Council launches set of ICT principles

The national ICT strategic principles include cloud first, enabling data sharing and interoperability standards, and ensuring any tech decision made benefits the organisation as a whole

The National Police Technology Council (NPTC) has launched a series of national strategic ICT principles which police forces across the country can use to guide their technology strategies.  

The document, which was published by the Police ICT Company on behalf of the NPTC, contains 26 principles based around architecture, technology, data and applications.  

This includes the principle that any decision made regarding information management focuses on providing “maximum benefit to the organisation as a whole” and that as the needs of the organisation changes, priorities should be adjusted.

The document also highlights the need for ensuring new systems and technology bought by any organisation allows for interoperability and follows the “cloud first” principle whenever possible.

“Services such as software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service should be considered above local or collaborative implementations where applicable to ensure services can develop and evolve,” it said.

It added that new technology should ideally only be introduced to “replace an existing system rather than simply adding on”, and that organisations should map out their existing IT platforms, document them, and only make changes should the business needs require them to do so.

The NPTC developed the principles, which will also be shared with suppliers, together with a range of stakeholders, including the Police ICT Company.

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The principles also state users should have access to, and be able to share data when needed.

“Timely access to accurate data is essential to improving the quality and efficiency of decision making. It is less costly to maintain timely, accurate data in a single application, and then share it, than it is to maintain duplicative data in multiple applications,” it said.

Last year, the UK National Police Chiefs’ Council set out its vision for policing in 2025, aiming to improve data sharing, integrate IT functions, improve digital intelligence and make digital interactions easier. 

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