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BBC+ app tailors content to individuals

Users of BBC app can shape their experience based on the content they want to consume

The BBC has released its new BBC+ application, which aims to tailor content to match users’ interests.

The app is intended to deliver customisable content with a feed specific to each user, depending on what they want to read.

Clare Hudson, executive editor, homepage and BBC+, said the app will make content discovery easier for users, with content grouped into one application.

“By making BBC+ customisable, we are able to give users more relevant things to read, watch and listen to from across the BBC,” said Hudson. “This means you can use your spare moments well because once you’ve caught up on the day’s main events, you can browse articles from across the BBC on topics you have chosen yourself.”

The launch of the BBC+ app is part of a wider initiative by the broadcaster to develop and deliver more personalised, short-form content to its audience.

The BBC+ app is available on iOS and Android, and uses a personal login to distinguish users and ensure the content provided caters to them.

Content is pulled from all BBC platforms, including news across various topics, television, or new content from online-only platform BBC Three. The broadcaster hopes to save readers time by only driving custom content that users are interested in.

Paul Owen, head of product, homepage and BBC+, said more than seven million people have signed up to use the app.

“BBC+ is a key part of the journey towards achieving a much more personal BBC and truly brings topical information from across the whole organisation to your pocket, ready for you to access at your convenience,” he said. “This is just the start for us, and over time, the app will evolve and add new features based on user feedback.”

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Categories that users can choose to receive content about range from technology and politics, already available on the BBC News platform, to more general subjects, such as ‘mind and body’ or ‘money matters’.

Since the BBC launched its myBBC campaign in an effort to change the way people consume content, 7.2 million people have signed in to the BBC, with more than 33% returning each month.

The broadcaster found that people who signed in to the service consumed 44% more content than those who browsed without signing in.

In recent years, the BBC has been making an effort to streamline and digitise some of its content. Its most recent project saw BBC Three move from television to the digital space.

The broadcaster has said it will consolidate its technology teams to help the digital move, including BBC Digital, BBC Engineering and BBC Worldwide.

A recent audit of the BBC’s internal projects found that management of its business-critical projects has improved in recent years, and the corporation is continuing to target more modern users who consume content digitally.

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