Daimler embeds secure SIMs in Mercedes-Benz range

German premium car maker picks Oberthur Technologies to supply secure, embedded SIMs for Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Daimler, owner of the Mercedes-Benz and Smart car brands, will offer connectivity in Mercedes passenger vehicles using an embedded, remotely programmable SIM supplied by embedded security software firm Oberthur Technologies.

The embedded connectivity solution will be implemented in the 2016 edition of Mercedes’ E-class vehicles from March ahead of a wider roll-out across the range.

Oberthur said secure and reliable connectivity was particularly important to the car industry in terms of passenger safety. The France-based firm believes that to be most effective, security systems must be incorporated within connected objects and equipment.

Daimler will use Oberthur’s embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC), DIM DakOTa Auto and its M-Connect solution to simplify the integration and management of mobile operator subscriptions.

This will enable it to choose the most suitable mobile partner at any point during the car’s lifecycle.

It will also enable telematics services such as remote maintenance and over-the-air fault diagnostics, emergency call-out and breakdown services, and user experience services such as live traffic information and remote locking or unlocking.

“We are enabling Damiler to provide its clients with an enhanced in-car experience,” said Oberthur managing director of connected device makers, Marek Juda. “We are fully dedicated to help auto makers like Daimler stay one step ahead with additional mobility and security-related services in the future.”

Oberthur’s solution conforms to the GSMA’s Embedded SIM specification, which sits behind about 75% of global machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, as of October 2015.

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“This collaborative project underscores the momentum behind the specification, and as the number of adopters of the GSMA Embedded SIM specification increases, economies of scale will drive down the cost,” said the GSMA.

The Embedded SIM specification is a single standard for remote provisioning and management of M2M connections, where the SIM card may not be easily accessed, or is being used in an environment that requires a soldered connection.

It has been designed to enable over-the-air set-up and subsequent changes to subscriptions with the same level of security possible on a traditional, removable SIM card.

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