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Top 10 financial services IT stories of 2015

The financial services industry is undergoing unprecedented change, driven by IT and regulation.

Over the last 12 months the financial services industry has seen dramatic changes in its structure. Digital technology and market liberalisation has led to the creation of new financial services suppliers. These companies are small and agile and are using modern information technologies to compete with the high street giants for an increasingly digital savvy and demanding customer base.

Big banks have responded with their own digital investments. Read this review of 2015 to get a flavor of some of the changes in the sector, which are putting IT at the core of business.

1. Is digital disruption a threat or an opportunity for banks?

Banks have been relatively unaffected by the digital revolution that has transformed other industries – but that's about to change.

2. Why peer-to-peer lending is such a threat to banks

Consumer trust in finance firms has never been high, and since the financial turmoil at the end of the previous decade it has reached rock bottom.

3. Six challenger banks using IT to shake up UK retail banking

The retail banking sector is going through a period of regulation-driven change and IT is playing a key role.

4. Deutsche Bank spends €1bn to go digital

Deutsche Bank is spending up to €1bn on digital technology over the next three to five years following the modernisation of its core banking platform.

5. CIO interview: Stewart Bromley, Atom Bank

Atom bank's chief operating officer Stewart Bromley talks about the advantage of starting from scratch with all services available through an app.

6. The diagram that scares the next generation of banking IT professionals

The next generation of IT professionals in the banking sector will face the same legacy headache as their predecessors.

7. Banker’s startup experience feathers the nest for Starling Bank

Starling Bank founder Anne Boden relates how her time with startups outside traditional banking convinced her to build a digital bank from scratch.

8. Deal between RBS and CA over IT failure will remain secret

The details of the financial settlement between RBS and CA Technologies in relation to a massive IT failure will remain secret.

9. Six technology companies to hasten the demise of retail bank giants

UK retail banks are under pressure from regulation, costs and increasing competition.

10. Google bank evolves with Gmail payment service in UK

Google enables UK users to make payments through Gmail, 18 months after the service was launched in the US.

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