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NHS Education for Scotland chooses PA Consulting Group to develop digital learning resources

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) signs PA Consulting Group to develop its “one stop shop” digital platform of learning resources for NHS staff

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has chosen PA Consulting Group as its digital partner to develop its NES Digital Platform.

NES provides education and learning to all of Scotland’s NHS staff and began developing an online system called TURAS in 2014. It now wants to build on that work to further develop and commercialise the digital platform, to provide a return on its investment.

PA Consulting Group will work with NES to develop a suite of digital products and services, and create a “leading platform for health and care training”.

Caroline Lamb, NES CEO, said the partnership was an exciting development.

“It will allow us to exploit the fantastic digital infrastructure we are building, without creating a distraction from our core business of training and developing Scotland’s health and social care workforce,” she said.

The digital platform aims to combine “the functionality of a virtual learning environment with a learning management system”, creating one point of access to all of NES’s services and resources.

The platform will be accessible on any device with the aim of putting “users at the heart” and eradicate the need to visit several websites with different passwords to access relevant information.

It will also allow NES to take greater control of its data, tailoring resources and content to individuals' needs.

The work is part of a larger digital transformation programme at NES, which has “everything as a service” as a theme.

It recently deployed a self-service portal for employee IT support, which speeds up access to requests such as computer issues, as well as access to the multiple training management systems and repositories of training materials. 

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