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CIF cloud certification scheme wins European Commission's backing

Cloud Industry Forum's Code of Practice has been added to European list of trusted certification schemes

The European Network and Information Security Agency (Enisa) has approved the Cloud Industry Forum’s (CIF) Code of Practice for inclusion on its list of reputable cloud-focused certification schemes.

The trade body has been calling on service providers and suppliers to use its code of practice to self-certify their offerings since 2009, as part of its ongoing push to promote trust, security and transparency in the cloud market.

Now, having spent the past few months working closely with Enisa, the code of conduct has been inducted onto the agency’s Cloud Certification Schemes List (CCSL), which is for cloud users to make sense of the accreditations their existing or prospective providers might hold.

Ian Osborne, a member of CIF’s Code of Governance Board, said securing a place on the CCSL means the code is now applicable to providers across Europe.

“We have worked very closely with Enisa over the past few months to ensure that the Code of Practice maps to the high standards set by the European Commission," he said.

“It’s therefore incredibly encouraging to have received its seal of approval, confirming its position in the fragmented cloud standards arena.”

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The decision of which ones make the cut is made collectively by Enisa, the European Commission and the Cloud Select Industry Group on Certification, and is influenced by the certification scheme's security credentials, auditing procedures and how they’re operated overall.

In response to the news, CIF is now calling on users to push all of their cloud providers to get self-certified under the terms of its Code of Practice.

Cloud Industry Forum CEO Alex Hilton said he hopes the designation will make it easier for cloud users to establish who they should and shouldn’t trust with their cloud data.

“There are no dedicated cloud standards in the market, making it difficult for small business customers to identify trusted advisors,” he said.

“We hope this recognition will encourage more users of cloud services to actively seek providers that are CIF-certified, and likewise more cloud service providers to seek certification.

“We have taken important steps in providing a foundation in what is a fast-changing and, to many, a new technology sector," he added.

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