Dutch bank ING puts HR services in the cloud

Finance company ING is using cloud-based software from ServiceNow to deliver HR services to its 25,000 staff in the Netherlands

ING is using cloud-based software from ServiceNow to deliver HR services to its 25,000 staff in the Netherlands.

ServiceNow and ING built a branded portal to give staff access to information as well as automating previously manual tasks.

The bank previously used callcentres and face-to-face interactions for most HR enquiries.

A self-service portal gives employees access to a knowledge base with over 1,200 articles on topics such as health and compensation.

ING automated manual HR processes and there is now one system of record after ServiceNow software was integrated into the company’s existing HR system.

ING’s HR department said it had improved user satisfaction, and reduced the cost and time of providing services.

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Managing consumerised expectations

“Employees increasingly expect consumerised self-service for HR,” said Marc van den Berg, HR manager at ING in the Netherlands.  “Thanks to ServiceNow, the automation opportunities have meant that employees have much of the information they need right at their fingertips, significantly increasing employee satisfaction and dramatically reducing the number of steps taken for information to be accessed. We see ServiceNow as a key partner in our transformation efforts.”

The implementation project took three months. A quick turnaround is important at large organisations such as banks, because there are times of the year when system use peaks. One IT professional in the banking sector said that, if you miss targets, delays can be big: “At the end of the year there is a lot of HR activity at banks with things like bonuses being paid.”

ING is cutting thousands of staff in its back offices, callcentres and IT department over the next three years as it reduces its number of IT systems through automation.

The bank said it is moving to simplified IT systems and automation at a cost of €200m for two years from 2015. It expects to save €270m per year from 2018.

It is cutting 1,700 full-time employees and reducing the number of contractors it employs by 1,075.

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