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Parallel Wireless partners to bring wireless connectivity across Africa

Open RAN technology provider inks deals with regional players to ensure 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G Open RAN connectivity is contributing to communications across African continent, expanding access to critical health and educational services

Looking to close the technology gap between urban and rural areas in Africa, where residents risk being left behind as government and private sector services move to digital formats, Open RAN technology firm Parallel Wireless is partnering with network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider Hotspot Network to extend coverage to previously unconnected rural sites throughout Nigeria.

Parallel Wireless believes expanding mobile connectivity throughout Africa is a unique challenge due to unreliable or inaccessible sources of electricity and challenging landscapes that make physical access difficult. To address these challenges, Parallel Wireless partnered with regional telecommunications providers and governments in countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, Guinea Conakry, Ghana, South Sudan, Uganda, DRC and Malawi to deploy hybrid networks tailored to the needs of specific regions within their borders.

Parallel Wireless services include 2G and 3G for rural areas, and 2G and 4G for urban and suburban areas. On top of an Open RAN offering, Parallel Wireless also provides turnkey services, including transmission, power and towers, and manages deployments and operations.

The collaboration with Hotspot Network aims to connect residents of rural regions to essential services, such as health, education and financial services, that will ultimately improve their quality of life. Hotspot Network offers its services to mobile networks in Nigeria, providing a portfolio of products and services through collaboration with a network of global partners, making them a single point of contact for all rural connectivity and telecommunication needs.

In response to this challenge, Hotspot Networks is working directly with local and national governments to build 2G and 4G wireless communications infrastructure beyond the radio network. These initiatives extend beyond mere communication to support phone banking, education and health services, thereby ensuring that communication capabilities remain accessible.

“The terrestrial hurdles faced today are the same as those faced in years past – but the urgency has grown,” said Morenikeji Aniye, founder and CEO at Hotspot Networks. “Technological advancements in our ability to connect these previously unconnected areas instantaneously bring them into modern times and all the necessities that come with it.”

Once Hotspot Networks’ hardware is installed, Parallel Wireless can manage network activity via its Open RAN software, allowing for reliable service for those that now rely on it. “Rather than letting cumbersome technologies constrain our shared ambitions, we tailored the Open RAN implementation to fit the project needs and make for a more nimble deployment,” said Yisrael Nov, executive vice-president of global sales at Parallel Wireless.

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As it was striking its deal in Nigeria, Parallel Wireless also announced its footprint throughout Africa now exceeds over 1,500 sites.

“By extending modern networks throughout these territories, and leveraging multiple technologies, a large population will experience a stronger network, bringing them into a new era of reliable connectivity,” said Nov.

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