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Top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2023

Organisations across the region have continued to shore up their cyber security posture while investing in infrastructure to pave the way for emerging technologies like GenAI

The uncertain macroeconomic landscape has not deterred CIOs across ASEAN from pushing ahead with the plans they had set out for the year.

Many have continued to shore up their cyber security posture amid growing cyber attacks and data breaches while investing in infrastructure to pave the way for innovation and productivity gains fuelled by the rise of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

In this round-up of the top IT stories in ASEAN this year, we recap some of the key themes that have been keeping CIOs and technology suppliers across the region busy throughout the year.

1. How APAC organisations are tapping GenAI

Organisations in the region are deploying and experimenting with generative AI in healthcare, citizen services and other use cases amid cost-related concerns and other challenges. 

2. Demystifying the top five OT security myths

Goh Eng Choon, president of ST Engineering’s cyber business, outlines the common myths around OT security in a bid to raise awareness of the security challenges confronting OT systems.

3. How Ensign is leading the charge in cyber security

Lee Fook Sun, chairman of Ensign InfoSecurity, traces the company’s journey and how it is leading the charge in cyber security by doing things differently, investing in R&D and engaging with the wider ecosystem.

4. Red Hat CEO on AI moves and source code kerfuffle

Matt Hicks talks up Red Hat’s efforts to support GenAI adoption through OpenShift AI and weighs in on the issues surrounding the company’s decision to limit access to RHEL source code.

5. NUHS taps LLM to boost productivity, patient care

Healthcare professionals at Singapore’s National University Health System can now summarise patient case notes and predict patient healthcare journeys using a large language model trained by a supercomputer.

6. How STT GDC is cracking the Philippines datacentre market

The joint venture formed by ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, Globe and Ayala Corporation is building its largest datacentre in the Philippines among other efforts to meet the needs of an underserved market.

7. How AI ethics is coming to the fore with generative AI

The hype around ChatGPT and other large language models is driving more interest in AI and putting ethical considerations surrounding their use to the fore.

8. How Agoda is shaping up to be a technology powerhouse

Agoda’s CTO Idan Zalzberg explains why the online travel agency with a massive technology footprint prefers to run things in-house and not rely too much on public cloud services.

9. Inside AIA’s cloud adoption journey

The Hong Kong-based multinational insurance firm has moved 86% of its IT infrastructure to public cloud to drive growth, productivity and efficiency.

10. How to find winning artificial intelligence use cases

Choosing use cases for AI requires organisations to take a hard look at business value, risk, data and other capabilities required to realise the technology’s full potential.

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