Zoom aims for contact centre boost with Workforce Engagement Management suite

Leading communications and collaboration technology provider unveils suite designed to help boost employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Zoom Communications has made a number of significant additions to its customer experience services portfolio, with a Workforce Engagement Management site designed to help boost employee engagement and customer satisfaction in the contact centre.

The latest additions to the customer experience (CX) portfolio are said by Zoom to be fundamentally designed to help support teams create a better work methodology. The new Workforce Engagement Management suite is designed to bolster Zoom’s CX software offering by empowering users to scale team operations, optimise agent schedules, improve staffing challenges and agent engagement (Workforce Management), and provide valuable feedback and coaching opportunities to increase agent motivation and performance (Quality Management).

Both offerings are fully integrated with Zoom’s cloud contact centre for what is described as an “easy-to-use, intuitive and reliable” all-in-one offer.

Drilling deeper into the offerings, Zoom Quality Management is an AI-powered customer experience (CX) tool intended to allow contact centres to analyse customer interactions, improve agent performance and unlock key business insights.

Its main features include reviewing customer interactions, AI-powered speech analytics and establishing quality assurance. Zoom Workforce Management was built to ensure contact centre teams are equipped with the right number of agents to meet customer demands. Its main features include forecasting, scheduling and intraday management.

“Zoom Workforce Engagement Management suite removes the need for multiple vendors to help customer experience and support leaders streamline contact centre operations and transform their customer experience, all on one platform,” said Kentis Gopalla, head of Workforce Engagement Management and product ecosystem for Zoom Contact Center.

“The contact centre is at the heart of every customer experience, and the Workforce Engagement Management suite ensures that Zoom customers have everything they need to deliver excellence to their customers.”

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Two weeks ago, Zoom announced that as part of a plan to bolster its users’ conferencing options, it was including its generative artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant Zoom AI Companion, formerly Zoom IQ, at no additional cost for customers with the paid services in their user accounts. The enhancements in AI Companion are designed to allow users to compose emails in Zoom Mail, with the ability to adjust for appropriate tone and length, helping users craft professional and effective communications.

Within Team Chat, AI Companion can now summarise individual chat threads, enabling users to grasp the big picture faster and respond more efficiently. AI Companion can now also compose emails in Zoom Mail, with the ability to adjust for appropriate tone and length, helping you craft professional and effective communications.

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