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Verizon Business forges managed network services partnership with HCLTech

Information technology services and consulting company inks partnership with telco’s business services division, with aims of ushering in new era of large-scale wireline service delivery for enterprise customers

As it aims to push ahead with its managed network services business that accentuates IT service expertise and ongoing support of enterprise networking deployments, multinational information technology services and consulting company HCLTech has announced a strategic global partnership with Verizon Business to become its primary managed network services (MNS) collaborator in all networking deployments for global enterprise customers.

The partnership will combine Verizon’s networking capabilities, solutioning and scale with HCLTech’s managed service offer to usher in what the companies believe will be a new era of large-scale wireline service delivery for enterprise customers. 

Within the partnership, Verizon Business will continue to lead all customer acquisition, sales, solutioning and overall planning and development with its customers, whileHCLTech will lead post-sale implementation and ongoing support. To ensure that enterprise customers are able to rely on the two suppliers to offer a coordinated balance of responsibilities at scale, a select group of Verizon Business global customer operations staff will transition to HCLTech.

In terms of technology offers, the partnership will aim to offer enterprise customers what is seen as a wide MNS portfolio that offers a highly digitised experience with data-driven service models, enhanced efficiency and lifecycle management with what they describe as a “frictionless” interface, a broad end-to-end partner ecosystem, and joint innovation on an integrated platform.

These improvements are designed to help enterprises customers navigate increasingly complex operating environments – across diverse locations, geographies and devices – while incorporating new technologies into their stack, including 5G, SD-WAN and SASE capabilities.

HCLTech said its digital-native MNS platforms and customer interfaces are designed to help them manage that digitally, quickly, and seamlessly.

“Managed network services is core to our business, and we’re proud to collaborate with Verizon Business to lead MNS in all of their network deployments, modernisation and operations for private enterprise,” said HCLTech CEO and managing director C Vijayakumar.

“Our data-driven service delivery, advanced network capabilities and frictionless customer interfaces combined with the unique strengths and resiliency of the Verizon network will enable enterprises to drive better business outcomes and time to market. I am excited to welcome the incoming employees from Verizon Business global customer operations and look forward to a successful and fulfilling journey together.”

For its part, Verizon Business believes that its global reach and localised enterprise presence, together with HCLTech’s digitally optimised platforms for MNS, give customers a flexible networking framework to build out with new technology and drive more efficient operations. The upshot, it said, is that enterprises can better control and scale their consumption of network services, better incorporate their broader ecosystem of technology partners, converge informational and operational technology (IT/OT) undertakings, and generally become more agile in accommodating ever-changing technology needs.

“Verizon Business can modernise our service delivery and simultaneously heighten our focus on helping customers incorporate next-generation technology like 5G, SD-WAN and SASE into their operations and their own customer offerings,” added Verizon Business CEO Kyle Malady.

“IT/OT convergence is the future of data-centric business operations, and with the fast-accelerating pace of digitisation, customers need a well-coordinated delivery framework to realise that future.”

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