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UAE residents think 3D printing will have the most positive impact on society

People in the UAE believe next-generation technologies such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence will become widespread in the country

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A survey has revealed that UAE residents believe 3D printing technology will become widespread in the country, and expect it to have the most positive impact on society.

The online survey of more than 1,000 UAE citizens, carried out by YouGov, asked them for their opinions on 16 emerging technologies. According to YouGov: “Data shows that of all the 16 listed technologies, UAE residents have most likely heard a lot about – or have some awareness of – cryptocurrency, virtual reality, self-driving cars and 3D printing.”

A total of 85% said 3D printing will become widespread, and 83% said the technology will have a positive effect on society.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become widespread, according to 78% of respondents, while 76% and 75% expect the same for autonomous cars and cryptocurrency respectively.

Two-thirds (66%) believe AI will be good for society, 64% said self-driving cars will and 60% expect a positive impact on society from virtual reality.

Cryptocurrency is the most widely known of the technologies, with half of those surveyed having heard a lot about it.

“The UAE government’s implementation of its first law regulating virtual assets, and other recent initiatives to help people gain a deeper understanding of the technology, seem to have created a favourable environment for crypto, making it the most widely known technology in the country,” said YouGov.

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The UAE, like other Gulf states, is investing heavily in technology to improve lifestyles and create new industries. The governments of the region are investing heavily in research and development in the latest digital technologies in a bid to diversify their economies and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Over half of UAE residents want the government to invest in 3D printing (52%) and AI (52%), while 46% think self-driving cars is an important tech to invest in.

Having a population that is open to new technologies provides a rich environment for developing them, creating expertise and ultimately increasing export potential.

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