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NexGen Networks deploys Equinix platform to scale business in Europe

Digital infrastructure company teams with fibre optic-based network systems provider to expand capacity in Europe in response to increasing demand for secure, low-latency interconnection

Digital infrastructure company Equinix has expanded its collaboration with fibre optic-based network systems provider NexGen Networks to meet increasing capacity demand from services firms and global enterprises.

Assessing current infrastructure requirements, Equinix says a fixed approach to network deployment, with high up-front costs and long deployment times, is no longer tenable. It says financial firms are gaining cost savings and flexibility by using the cloud for a broader range of applications – moving beyond back-office functions to business-critical activities, including trading motions.

NexGen says the expansion is designed to support its customers in connecting to business partners around the world while using secure cloud connectivity. NexGen Networks is already deployed with Equinix in Ashburn Virginia, Brazil, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, São Paulo, Tokyo and Toronto.

Through Equinix, NexGen says customers will be able to connect their corporate IT infrastructure to global cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, via Equinix Fabric, for what it calls a high-performance solution and enhanced user experience.

Equinix has more than 235 IBX datacentres in over 65 markets across 27 countries and the facilities are set up to provide a dynamic environment where diverse business ecosystems of major networks, enterprises, cloud and network service providers and other critical partners, interconnect and underpin digital business strategies. NexGen believes that its customers benefit from these interconnection opportunities, as well as from direct access to banking, commerce and telecommunications infrastructure.

As a long-time customer of Equinix, NexGen has used the company’s global footprint of datacentres and services to establish a presence in a number of the top metros for international trading markets. In the new partnership, NexGen will use Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) datacentres in Frankfurt (FR4) and London (LD8) to create digital diversity in these key European cities, aiming to enable its customers to stay ahead of their competitors in an industry dependent on low-latency and secure IT infrastructure.

The expansion is also intended to deliver increased access to critical digital infrastructure in the two leading global financial and commercial centres, while extending secure direct cloud connectivity for NexGen and its customers.

The deployments are designed to provide access to direct and settlement-free IP interconnection infrastructure, delivering a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services alongside a major peering and internet exchange point across Europe and other key international markets.

“The collaboration with Equinix will enable NexGen to meet the growing demands for connectivity solutions across major European hubs,” said Janesh Mistry, senior sales director, EMEA at NexGen Networks. “We are excited to see the positive impacts of these efficient, world-class facilities benefit not only UK and European enterprises, but also international corporations seeking regional secure direct access to cloud services and other critical business partners.”

Equinix UK managing director Russell Poole added: “The financial services industry is a key sector for the UK economy and one we are keen to continue to support as players look to innovate and grow. NexGen Networks’ expansion with us in the UK will further underpin that, providing its customers with access to critical digital infrastructure in key global financial and commercial markets.”

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