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Softbank and UnaBiz team up on internet of robotic things

Japan’s Softbank Robotics and Singapore-based UnaBiz are bringing IoT and robotics technology together to improve facilities management, among other applications

Japan’s SoftBank Robotics has partnered with Singapore-based UnaBiz, an internet of things (IoT) technology provider, to integrate IoT sensors with robotics to improve facilities management.

With data from occupancy sensors, for example, Softbank Robotics’ Whiz cleaning robot will be able to respond to cleaning demands swiftly, such as cleaning or sanitising meeting rooms after staff vacate the rooms.

Over time, Softbank Robotics said the robots will be able to perform their tasks better by switching from pre-defined routes to dynamic routing based on environment sensing data, allowing building managers to streamline their work processes and optimise building operations.

Other use cases include the activation of robots to register visitors, deliver food or essential items, by triggering smart sensors at reception, hotels or healthcare facilities respectively.

Computer Weekly understands that some of these applications will be tested in Singapore and other Softbank offices, including those in Japan.

“SoftBank Robotics has always been committed to providing solutions such as Whiz, an AI-enabled vacuum cleaning robot to facility operators,” said Kenichi Yoshida, chief business officer of SoftBank Robotics.

“With the use of disruptive technologies such as predictive data on maintenance monitoring, it will provide building owners with building intelligence that is needed to digitally transform this industry,” he added.

Henri Bong, co-CEO and co-founder of UnaBiz, noted that facility managers are embracing technology to increase the productivity of their workforce, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce carbon emissions.

“Both IoT and robotics have a lot of complementary purposes and the synergy of both can unlock new value for future disruptions and growth. We are confident that the right mix of robotics and IoT devices could greatly benefit the whole industry,” he added.

The integration of IoT and robotics has given rise to what is known as the internet of robotic things (IoRT), a market that will be worth about $21.4bn by 2022, representing a compound annual growth rate of 29.7%, according to research from MarketsandMarkets.

To support IoRT applications, UnaBiz’s IoT data management platform will work with Softbank Robotics’ Universal Cloud Connect, a software platform that integrates technologies from different robotics suppliers.

Bong said UnaBiz’s IoT data management platform will bridge the gap between IoT data collection technologies and enterprise systems so that building owners can focus on improving customer experiences and reducing operating costs.

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