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Top 10 Benelux stories of 2021

Computer Weekly looks at the top IT stories from the Benelux region in the past year

At the heart of Europe, the Benelux region commands a strategically important position in connecting the continent to the world.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg also have what is needed for an advanced tech sector. They are relatively rich and have a wealth of human talent and high education standards, with academics in the region setting new ground.

To this end, what happens in the Benelux IT sector is closely watched by the world. Part of the interest is in the region’s penchant for trying to do things a bit differently, making it and its people great testers for new tech innovation.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 stories about IT in the Benelux region.

1. Dutch IT firm transforms HR policy built on lessons from pandemic

Software firm rips up human resources rule book and replaces it with a hybrid working policy.

2. Openness can protect Dutch companies against ransomware

Dutch businesses that suffer ransomware attacks need to be more open about it, if this growing problem is to be brought under control.

3. The Netherlands works on resilience with large-scale national cyber exercise

For the Netherlands, the biggest challenge in a large-scale cyber crisis is to maintain speed while exercising due care.

4. Benelux CIO interview: Benoît Dewaele, Vandemoortele

CIO of Ghent-headquartered food group says the IT department’s main challenges are improving digital customer experiences, helping implement automation in plants and strengthening cyber security.

5. Dutch researchers build security software to mimic human immune system

Software could help IT systems develop immunity to some cyber attacks in a similar way to how the body fights infection.

6. Belgium’s Federal Justice Service advances digitally with fast networks

Security and networking firms team to claim 20 times faster connectivity for Belgium’s justice system, so it can hold court hearings and prison visitations remotely and exchange information between services and applications securely.

7. Data of thousands of Dutch citizens leaked from government Covid-19 systems

Weak access controls and outdated systems blamed for leaking of the personal details of thousands of Dutch citizens tested for Covid-19.

8. Dutch scientist receives top award for work on digital media’s effect on society

Utrecht University media scientist José van Dijck wins the Spinoza Award and funds for her research into the effects of social media on society.

9. TCS opens its first European innovation centre in Amsterdam

Netherlands capital hosts TCS’s latest innovation hub, which will bring together an ecosystem to address the challenge of sustainability.

10. Reports raise alarm over Huawei access to Dutch networks

Espionage accusations raise security questions for Netherlands organisations using Chinese supplier’s equipment and services.

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