Sim Local teams with Vodafone to accelerate eSIM travel growth

Specialist in eSIM technology collaborates with operator to exploit the option of a transformative shift in the global telecommunications industry

With the association representing mobile operators (GSMA) predicting that by 2025 more than 35% of all smartphone network connections will transition from a physical SIM card to a digital eSIM download, connectivity is set to be transformed and revolutionise the way users accesses mobile networks across the globe, a shift that Sim Local and Vodafone UK are exploring to exploit opportunities to drive the customer adoption of eSIM technology.

eSIM technology is designed to remove physical SIM cards for improved user experience. With an eSIM, consumers will be able to manage new subscriptions – or transfer existing ones – to eSIM-enabled devices in seconds, without having to visit a retail store. Key benefits for customers are said to be seamless connectivity where they do not need to wait for physical SIM cards to arrive.

eSIM-capable devices allow for a quicker and simpler connection to their network, and customers can have one device with two numbers to enjoy the flexibility on the same phone by using a physical SIM card, at the same time as an eSIM.

The number of eSIM devices is predicted to increase rapidly, reaching billions of users in the next few years. Indeed, in January 2020, analyst Ovum predicted in its Device sales forecast report: 2019-24 that in 2020, 5% of all smartphones would be eSIM-enabled, rising to 20% by 2024.

The GSMA recently published a report on eSIM, the state of the consumer market and the road ahead, and concluded that momentum for eSIM is accelerating, opening up new opportunities for mobile ecosystem players and enabling new benefits for consumers.

It predicts that by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally. And as market adoption grows and eSIM becomes part of day-to-day business, the GSMA says that having a clear roadmap and strategy will be crucial to capture and monetise the new opportunities presented by eSIM.

Sim Local is a global expert in telecoms airport retail, and Vodafone UK have announced that they will collaborate to explore such opportunities and drive customer adoption of eSIM technology.

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In its current partnership portfolio, Sim Local counts on companies such as Giesecke + Devrient (G+D) and retail affiliates globally. Working with Vodafone UK would further extend Sim Local’s ability to provide seamless connectivity to international travellers.

“eSIM technology is revolutionising the mobile industry at a rapid pace and will transform the way people connect to their everyday devices in the coming years, especially whilst travelling,” said Sim Local chief executive officer Killian Whelan.

“As the travel market rebounds following the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will witness accelerated growth for eSIM both in the UK and across the globe. We are delighted to be working closely with Vodafone UK, to explore the benefits of eSIM to international travellers,” he said.

“Sim Local is a valued partner and an expert in this space, with whom we have had many years of joint trading,” added Jon Shaw, head of consumer sales at Vodafone UK. “We look forward to exploring eSIM opportunities together.”

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