Poly pivots product line to remote working

Latest Poly P Series offers pro-grade webcams, video bars, speakerphones and an all-in-one video conferencing monitor, with remote management and software services to address new normal

Recognising the enduring new normal of the hybrid workplace, premium audio and video products provider Poly has announced a product line that it said is designed to address the needs of today’s remote worker, offering what it claims is the industry’s first professional-grade personal video-conferencing equipment.

The company described its latest video solutions as being able to let workers “command the conversation” while giving IT teams control, no matter where workers are located.

That is to say the webcams, video bars, speakerphones and an all-in-one video conferencing monitor deliver a professional edge for workers to engage in meetings with co-workers and customers alike, while giving IT teams complete remote management using the Poly Lens device management service.

Poly quoted statistics from the October 2020 World Economic Forum’s The future of jobs report, which found 83% of global organisations surveyed plan to provide more remote work opportunities than before the pandemic.

It also cited IDC research showing that 62% of organisations with long-term commitment to digital transformation are investing in peripherals such as headsets and cameras in 2020-2021 to enable technology parity for all members of their workforce.

We’re in a new era, where work is no longer about the place but what you do. Video and audio are the way we get work done and that has extended beyond the office to classrooms, healthcare, retail and more,” said Tom Puorro, executive vice-president and general manager of global products at Poly.

“The Poly Studio P Series brings beautifully designed and engineered video and audio-conferencing devices that make every meeting count and every voice heard.”

Said to be developed with the work-from-home and remote worker’s success and convenience in mind, the Poly Studio P Series offers the Poly Studio P5 Webcam, Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, Poly Studio P21 Personal Conferencing Display and Poly Studio P5 Kits that bundle the P5 Webcam with award-winning headsets or the portable Poly Sync intelligent speakerphone.

The personal video bar supports 4K resolution displays and has automatic camera framing, as well as an integrated speaker and microphone array with advanced NoiseBlock AI technology to block outside noise.

The video-conferencing display also includes a 21” display, camera and audio all-in-one, and dynamic ambient lighting adjusts to illuminate and improve user appearance and overall video quality. USB connectivity allows Poly Studio P21 to work with any video app that runs on a PC or Mac.

The personal solutions, which come with access to Poly Lens device management through the new Poly Lens Desktop App, are designed to bring hardware and software together to simplify device management so that IT can manage data and insights for voice, video, and headsets under a single pane of glass and manage a remote workforce from the cloud.

The app also empowers users with tips on device setup, troubleshooting for optimal lighting and camera placement, and ergonomics for the optimal workspace setup. Users also have the option to receive personal health and wellness tips throughout the day, such as suggested movement and hydration to keep energy flowing.

In addition to the new Poly Studio P Series and Poly Lens, Poly is also announcing Poly+, a personal device support service to provide enhanced global 24/7 tech-support, including phone, chat, web and live video.

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