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Luxoft drives into Microsoft connected vehicle platform ecosystem

Digital strategy and software engineering firm joins the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform as it aims to enable personalised connected customer experiences for automotive companies

Aiming to accelerate delivery of connected vehicle systems and mobility experiences, Swiss digital strategy and software engineering firm Luxoft has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft.

Within the automotive sector, Luxoft – whose parent, DXC Technology, already has projects with the likes of BMW – says it is co-creating the technology platforms of tomorrow and engineering them at scale, enabling car manufacturers and their suppliers to design and develop safe and convenient customer experiences for personalised, smart and connected mobility.

The company believes that with recent advances in autonomous and shared vehicles, auto makers can now look for new ways to integrate consumers’ personalised digital lifestyles into the driving experience. It notes that connected vehicle systems need to enable potentially millions of vehicles throughout the world to deliver familiar and intuitive experiences, including infotainment, entertainment, productivity, driver safety and driver assistance.

By making use of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, Luxoft says it is confident it can now enable and accelerate the delivery of vehicle-centric solutions and services that will allow auto makers to deliver features such as advanced vehicle diagnostics, remote access and repair, and preventive maintenance. It will also collect real usage data to support vehicle engineering to improve manufacturing quality.

“With our proven solutions and services for connected vehicles, auto makers and their key partners are able to get the most out of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform,” said Dmitry Loschinin, Luxoft president and CEO and vice-president of DXC Technology. “Our collaboration with Microsoft gives auto makers control and flexibility for creating highly differentiated, intelligent and beneficial connected mobility experiences for their customers.”

Microsoft’s deal with Luxoft tailgates a partnership it signed in December 2019, when Ericsson announced it was building its Connected Vehicle Cloud on top of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform running on Azure cloud.

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