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Top 10 Australia IT stories of 2019

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 Australia IT stories of 2019

From using drones to detect crocodiles in Queensland to predicting wickets in live cricket matches using machine learning, Australian organisations are among the most innovative users of technology in the world.

In this review of the top 10 Computer Weekly articles focused on IT in Australia, we look at how the country is harnessing cutting-edge technologies to solve problems, while paving the way for emerging areas such as open banking.

1. How drones and machine learning can prevent crocodile attacks

Cloud-powered drones equipped with machine learning algorithms will soon be able to detect crocodiles lurking in the waters of Queensland, Australia.

2. Melbourne researchers uncover privacy lapses in transport dataset

A team of University of Melbourne researchers has been able to re-identify individuals from a public transport dataset, raising serious privacy, safety and security issues.

3. Fox Sports Australia predicts wickets with AutoML Tables

Machine learning model powered by Google Cloud’s AutoML Tables service enables sports broadcaster to predict the fall of a wicket in live cricket matches.

4. Australia gets ready for open banking

Traditional banks and fintech firms alike will need to bite the bullet in the crucial startup period if Australia’s open banking regime is to succeed.

5. Australian firm to debut smart cricket ball

With a cloud-connected ball and machine learning, amateur cricket players will soon be able to analyse their bowls and improve their game.

6. How Carsales cuts through the noise in incident response

The Australian firm is using PagerDuty to sieve through a sea of alerts from various alerting systems that notify operations staff of customer and IT issues.

7. AWS to power Australia’s 2021 online census

PwC Australia, one of two firms appointed by the government to run the next census, will build and operate an online form and a website on Amazon Web Services.

8. Australian firms coming to grips with AI ethics

Australian businesses are warming up to AI, but just two in five have standards and guidelines for AI ethics, a study finds.

9. Australia to upgrade supercomputer in HPC boost

The Gadi supercomputer at the Australian National University will run 10 times faster than its predecessor, giving researchers access to high-performance computing resources to solve the toughest research problems

10. Australia government to chart 2020 cyber security strategy

Australia’s home affairs ministry has released a discussion paper to seek views from all segments of society on the country’s next cyber security blueprint.

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