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Digital transformation hampered by lack of C-suite support

Most organisations are driving digital projects, but only a small percentage is happy with the board support they receive, according to research

Organisations leading digital transformation plans are mostly unhappy with their level of C-suite support and engagement, and believe this is a key barrier to success, according to a study.

According to the 2019 Digital means business report by NTT, only 11% of organisations are highly satisfied with those in charge of spearheading digital transformation, even though nearly three-quarters have such change programmes already underway, with 49% being led by IT.

Less than half (49%) of participants believed their leadership team has the right skills to manage the execution of digital transformation, the study noted, with lack of executive sponsorship or ownership ranked as the key obstacle to the overall digital plan.

On the topic of addressing the perennial business-IT disconnect, 42% of respondents said business areas and IT are delivering projects in a more integrated function, due in part to the introduction of a chief digital officer.

However, only 12% of organisations are highly satisfied that planning is flowing effectively through to execution. In addition, only 29% of those polled reported collaborative efforts between departments in place to support digital transformation initiatives.

When it comes to elements respondents consider as essential to successful digital transformation plans, 71% of organisations in the early stages of transformation believe a complete restructuring of the business and operating model is required.

The research polled 1,150 executives from 15 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific, from 11 industry verticals.

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