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IT monitoring tops uses for machine data analytics

Advanced analytics is being deployed to make sense of the masses of machine data in IT operation, but complex environments is making this harder

A survey of 250 executives across the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany whose companies use machine data reported that IT operations remains the top use case for machine data analytics.

The 451 Research report for SumoLogic, Using machine data analytics to gain advantage in the analytics economy, found that machine data analytics was being used in IT operations in 56% of the organisations surveyed. Data scientists were the second biggest users (45%), while security analysts (37%) was the third highest user group.

Nancy Gohring, senior analyst at 451 Research and author of the report, wrote: “Although IT operations, the typical use case for machine data analytics, still tops the list in terms of ownership and usage of these tools, we were surprised at the wide array of employees in other roles who commonly use machine data analytics – a result that again emphasises that companies do recognise the many ways that machine data can drive intelligence across the business.”

451 Research also reported that security, monitoring and big data insights top the list of application areas for machine learning analytics. The study found that more than half of respondents felt new cloud and container IT architectures did not hamper their ability to get data fast decision-making.

However, 451 Research found that in organisations using continuous integration and continuous deployment tools, respondents were more likely to say that the adoption of those technologies made it more difficult to get the data they needed for fast decision making.

“We have seen tools evolve to collect the granular data required in application environments built on technologies such as containers and microservices,” Gohring wrote in the report.

However, the study also found that 47% of survey respondents said the adoption of modern technologies makes it harder to get the data they need for speedy decision making, indicating that a notable portion of the market is still underserved in this regard, according to Gohring.

Colin Fernandes, director of product marketing at Sumo Logic, said: “Getting effective oversight across systems and users with machine data makes delivering better services easier alongside improving security and operations. It’s gratifying to see that European organisations already understand the value in using machine data analytics for security purposes.”

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