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120,000 police officers to receive cyber security training

Cisco is partnering with UK police forces to offer cyber security training through the Cisco Networking Academy

Network supplier Cisco is to provide cyber security training to more than 120,000 police officers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a bid to help make the UK one of the safest places in the world to go online.

The programme will be run through a new partnership between the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Cisco’s Networking Academy, drawing on the supplier’s security and skills development expertise.

“By joining the programme, forces can access training designed to raise awareness and increase their understanding of cyber crime and cyber threats, while also gaining insights into the procedures used to defend networks,” said Andy Beet, futures lead for the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s data communications group.

“The UK is one of the world’s most digitally active nations, and with that comes ever-increasing opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit individuals and organisations,” said Cisco UKI chief executive Scot Gardner.

“We are extremely proud to be working with the police in their efforts to help make the UK a safer place to be online. Through the Cisco Networking Academy, our ambition is to help ensure that people around the world have the digital skills they need to be successful in any profession.”

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  • The UK’s critical national infrastructure sector is being negatively impacted by the lack of cyber security skills, a report warns.
  • Some advanced organisations tackle DevSecOps with automated security for CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure, and will complete the picture with developer security skills training.
  • Managed cloud computing firm Rackspace is calling on UK organisations to do more to develop cyber security skills in the light of research into expertise in cloud security.

Launched to mark the first anniversary of its digital skills manifesto, the scheme forms part of Cisco’s long-standing commitment to supporting wider digitisation around the UK through its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) programme.

The CDA scheme – which was expanded with additional funding earlier in 2018 – is a partnership with government, industry and academia designed to “deliver real outcomes faster and more effectively for the country”, said Cisco.

Beet added: “It’s important for all police officers to understand cyber security as fully as possible. By doing so, they can develop their knowledge in this increasingly important area, improving security in both their professional and personal lives.”

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