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DDN to make enterprise push with Tintri’s VM-aware storage

DDN set to add Tintri’s portfolio of all-flash and hybrid flash arrays to its product offering following the purchase of the VM-aware storage pioneer after it filed for bankruptcy in June

DDN is all set to finalise its purchase of VM-aware storage pioneer Tintri, which was placed under Chapter 11 rules following its bankruptcy in June.

A deadline of 31 August was set to complete the acquisition, which will see DDN gain Tintri’s installed base of 1,600 customers.

The move sees DDN – which has made its name in the world of storage for high-performance computing – accelerate its journey into the enterprise storage market.

No news has been forthcoming from DDN about the outcome of the process but the Tintri website now calls the brand “Tintri by DDN”.

Tintri has been under Chapter 11 since it filed for bankruptcy on 10 July. Since then company officials have been in talks with DDN to restart the vendor’s activity under the control of DDN.

The acquisition, of which details have not been revealed, will allow DDN to add Tintri’s enterprise arrays to its portfolio and to develop its enterprise activities.

DDN will have to restart sales of the Tintri catalogue while moving to reassure the existing customer base.

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The integration of Tintri will boost DDN’s turnover at a stroke, having closed its four final quarters preceding its bankruptcy with revenues a little over $120m.

To guarantee a smooth transition DDN has begun to re-hire Tintri employees so as to rebuild its support and engineering teams. The objective is to be able to ensure array maintenance following the closure of the deal and to keep the roadmap on track, in particular with regard to NVMe flash support and analytics.

According to DDN the new Tintri will operate as an autonomous division of DDN with its own salesforce, support and engineering resources. The Tintri range consists of the T800 VMStore hybrid flash storage arrays and the all-flash EC6000 family, unveiled at the end of 2017.

The entry-level EC6030 can take between 19TB to 81TB of data – with a deduplication ratio of about 5:1 – while the top-of-the-range EC6090 can retain between 77TB and 645TB.

All Tintri arrays include advanced replication functionality (ReplicateVM), cloud as a tier, data lifecycle management, copy data management (SyncVM) and Quality of Service functionality.

They support virtualisation environments including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and XenServer, as well as providing support for NFS and SMB file access.

You can cluster up to 64 EC6000 nodes in a single pool of storage, administered via the Tintri Global Center console. According to Tintri, a cluster of that scale can hold up to 41PB of data and support 480,000 virtual machines.

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