Lean IT Association unveils lean certification

LITA reveals Lean IT Certification Scheme for training providers wanting to teach the principles of Lean

The IT training and certification industry consortium Lean IT Association (Lita) has launched a Lean IT Certification Scheme, aimed at training providers teaching the principles of lean IT.

Lean principles are designed to help IT departments become more customer oriented by removing waste and maintaining value with less effort.

Methods such as agile scrum are used to transition a company to lean principles, where a team adopts the framework of “inspect and adapt” to help organise complex work with systems and products. The method aims to improve predictability and control risk.

The Lean IT Association is led by a board comprising senior directors of its founding members, including representatives from APMG, Exin, Peoplecert, Pink Elephant, Quint and ITpreneurs. The consortium was founded to set a global standard for lean IT education and certification.

Nick Houlton, chief operating officer at APMG, said lean principles have been used in a variety of industries for some years now. 

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“The IT industry has embraced these principles using the term lean IT, but while there have been some fragmented initiatives for education and certification in lean IT, there is no universally accepted programme or thought leadership. The Lean IT Association is aiming to remedy that,” he said.

Training providers can apply for the accreditation through one of the exam institutes associated with Lita. The quality of the training provider’s programme, the material used and trainers will be assessed against the LITA standards.

The Lean IT Certification Scheme consists of four certifications for various levels. The entry-level certification is called Lean IT Foundation, which moves into Lean IT Kaizen Lead, followed by Lean IT Leader and Coach.

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