Haatch and Eccomplished launch retail tech startup investor forum

Retail technology accelerator Eccomplished and digital innovative and investment hub Haatch have launched an investment forum for retail technology startups

Retail technology accelerator Eccomplished and digital innovation and investment hub Haatch have launched an investment forum for retail technology startups.

A selection of the UK’s most innovative retail technology startups will be given 10 minutes to pitch their ideas to angel and venture capital investors at an event in May. The companies will be looking for early-stage funding to “reinvent retail”.

This is the second year Eccomplished’s Retail 20:20 event has taken place, and this year it has partnered with Haatch, an investment hub founded by Kiddicare.com founder Scott Weavers-Wright.

Eccomplished managing director Stephen Millard said: “As two companies that are continuously meeting next-generation retail entrepreneurs, we are uniquely positioned to hand-pick some of the brightest and investable retail tech talent to showcase in front of over 50 potential investors.”

“The team at Haatch have extensive experience in retail. At Kiddicare.com, Scott always supported early-stage and innovated retail technology. This makes them the perfect partner for the investor forum.”

Baby equipment specialist Kiddicare discovered an innovative solution for in-store labelling from a company called ZBD Solutions. Its digital labels replaced costly and labour-intensive paper signage and can be updated wirelessly, which helps the store to sharpen its competitive edge.

Kiddicare is not the only retailer that is looking to technology to solve a number of challenges in the retail sector, including connecting in-store, online and mobile channels to create a seamless customer experience, and encouraging customers to continue shopping on the high street.

Retail 20:20 will take place on 13 May at the Soho Hotel in London. Startups and investors that want to take part should go to Eccomplished’s website.

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