Operators preventing dual SIM handsets

Acer claims that although its new handset offers dual SIM capabilities for the business user, mobile operators will stop the feature coming to market to protect revenues

Mobile operators are stopping dual-SIM handsets from coming to the market in Europe to protect revenues, according to a spokesman from Acer.

The company is showcasing two new handsets at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - the Liquid E3 and the Liquid Z4 - both of which are available with dual SIM as a feature.

“Dual SIM is particularly good for businesses,” said the spokesman. “For companies that want to offer bring your own device to employees, but don’t want to run the risk of letting a personal device access work data, dual SIM offers this capability.”

“It is also great for going abroad, allowing you to go to another country and buy a SIM from that destination, then switch to use it while there.”

However, despite selling the benefits of dual SIM, the German spokesman admitted that this feature was unlikely to be seen in stores across Europe as operators didn’t like the idea of losing out on revenues.

“Many of the big mobile manufacturers offer dual SIM, but you just don’t see it in Europe because of the operators,” he said. “Allowing you to get the second SIM stops them making more money when you are roaming or from higher use when you are using the device for work.”

“So even though plenty of companies offer it, you will only get it if you buy the device SIM free straight from them, rather than from the likes of a Vodafone or Telefonica.”

This will be the case for Acer’s new devices, which will offer dual SIM if you buy direct, but is unlikely to be seen on the shelves.

The spokesman concluded: “No, you probably won’t see dual SIM in the shops in the UK.”

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