Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Oracle customers continue to invest in big data

Airbus, Thomson Reuters and the New York Stock Exchange have all implemented Oracle's big data products to improve their businesses

Airbus, Thomson Reuters and the New York Stock Exchange were among the Oracle customers touting their successes with big data at the OpenWorld keynote on Monday.

While Larry Ellison had the job of announcing the new Oracle in-memory database in the opening keynote, president Mark Hurd spoke to existing Oracle customers about their challenges around big data.

Big data is a running theme during the user conference in San Francisco this week.

Oracle president, Mark Hurd said: “The winners will be those who can take this data modernise and innovate.”

Airbus, Thompson Reuters and the New York Stock Exchange, have all deployed big data analytics to help make their businesses more effective.


The aircraft manufacturer has used Oracle's analytics tools to monitor sensor data during the construction and manufacture of new aircraft.

CEO of Airbus, Fabrice Brégier explained via a video that it takes a year from when an aircraft comes out of engineering to be delivered to the end customer. And during this year of testing, data is analysed from the aircraft’s 100,000 sensors. Following a test flight, it typically took airbus six days to gather all the information and analyse it before another test flight can take place. But using Oracle’s analytics this time frame has been reduced to a single day.

Thomson Reuters

Mark Bluhm, senior vice president, responsible for global datacentre operations at Thomson Reuters, said: “We consider ourselves the Google for professionals. We’ve been in the massive data business for a long time. “But big data is about understanding that data.”

He described the importance of data analytics, using a storm in the South Pacific as an example. He said that the company needs to understand what effect the storm could have on oil prices, and how late deliveries due to storms might affect this. “By having the analytics upfront, suddenly your customers stop becoming victims, and start becoming opportunists.”

As a customer using Oracle’s Exadata product, Thomson Reuters also uses data analytics internally for its sales and marketing.

He said that the company’s relationship with Oracle has worked well. Oracle sits on Thomson Reuters’ advisory board, and attends architecture meetings.

“What we do is really hard, but the tools given by Oracle are very powerful. You have to put the time in and it turns into a collaborative environment,” Bluhm said.

New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange – NYSE Euronext - sends 185,000 messages per second. It produces 2TB of data every day and processes 2.5 trillion transactions every day. Originally NYSE Euronext operated 10-12 datacentres, but its IT architectures was not well integrated according to Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext.

The company embarked on two big investments on datacentres in Jersey and outside London. Using the mantra “you need to spend money to save money”, he said that once this infrastructure was in place, the company had a single platform and architecture which has enabled it to cut technology costs by nearly $200m per year.

 “Oracle is in place throughout our company,” Niederauer said.

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