Windows 8 passes 100 million in sales

Microsoft says Windows 8 OS has sold more than 100 million copies, roughly matching Windows 7 in the six months after launch

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 8 operating system (OS) has sold more than 100 million copies, roughly matching the performance of Windows 7 in the six months after launch.

Despite criticism and a slight slowdown after outpacing Windows 7 in the first month, Windows 8 is still selling well and keeping pace with its predecessor.

Microsoft has avoided any direct comparisons, however, by not disclosing the exact number of Windows 8 sold licences or the date when it reached the 100 million mark, according to The Next Web.

Market commentators have also pointed out that “licences sold” does not necessarily equal the number of Windows 8 copies being used by business and consumers.

They say there is no way of knowing exactly how many of the licences sold to retailers and PC makers have actually been taken up by end users.

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And, just six months into Windows 8 sales, the software maker is already talking about the coming Windows Blue update, which looks set for release later this year.

Microsoft has also revealed that Windows Store is seeing steady growth with 60,000 apps, up from 40,000 in January, with 250 million downloads.

While the numbers are heading in the right direction, Microsoft still has a long way to go compared with Apple’s 800,000 apps for iOS and almost 50 billion downloads, according to Mashable.

The Windows Blue update is expected to focus on small-screen tablets, which Microsoft believes will attract developers and give Windows 8 the boost it needs to compete with rivals such as the iPad mini.

Microsoft has indicated that the update will include features for business as well as consumers, and is expected to reveal more details in coming weeks.

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