Schuh takes first steps to in-store Wi-Fi

Shoe retailer Schuh signs a contract with The Cloud to offer free Wi-Fi to customers

Customers of high street retailer Schuh will soon be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity while shopping.

The footwear chain has signed a deal with The Cloud, owned by BSkyB, to bring wireless connections to all of its 83 UK stores.

The service will be free, and Schuh hopes it can build on the increasing number of its customers using mobile devices to boost their retail experience – something it claimed accounted for driving 32% of its online sales.  

“Over the past few years we’ve seen mobile devices enhancing in-store shopping behaviour,” said Sean McKee, head of e-commerce and customer services at Schuh. 

“One of the major benefits of being able to access free internet is that customers can view our entire product range quickly and easily from their mobile – it offers a way of maximising convenience for each shopper,” he added.

“In short, the free Wi-Fi service means we are providing the best possible service and are, of course, maximising sales potential.”

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Research by The Cloud found 73% of shoppers use mobile devices while shopping, be it to check prices, look for offers or head to social networks to share their experiences. As such, it believes the Wi-Fi it offers retailers can make a big difference to the high street.

“Mobile devices are changing every consumer-facing industry, and retail is no exception,” said Vince Russell, managing director of The Cloud. 

“In addition to changing the way we shop, free Wi-Fi will improve the shopping experience, ensuring customers can view all items and make the right purchasing decision,” he said.

“Being able to reach the right people with the right products at the right time is an invaluable offering, and Schuh is leading the way in taking advantage of this.”

As well as retailers, restaurants and event venues have been increasingly signing up for services from The Cloud. Recent additions to the wireless network include Punch Taverns, KFC and Lord’s Cricket Ground.

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