Emulex buys Endace for $130m

Networking company Emulex hopes to boost its performance management skills by acquiring Endace

Emulex has announced its acquisition of Endace for $130m in cash.

Founded in New Zealand, Endace specialises in network performance management, providing both software tools and network appliances to monitor and analyse switching traffic.

Emulex hopes that by incorporating the New Zealand firm’s technology into packages with its software-defined architectures, it can offer a stronger solution for companies needing high-performance networks for speeds of 10Gbps or more.

“This acquisition provides Emulex with a strategic entry point into the network performance management space at a disruptive point in time, as speeds move to 10Gbps, making network visibility from end to end a critical requirement in a converged network environment,” said Jim McCluney, CEO of Emulex.

“Acquiring Endace aligns with our software-defined convergence strategy, doubles our total addressable market and places Emulex in another high-margin, high-growth market,” he said.

Mike Riley, CEO of Endace, added to McCluney’s positive comments, saying his staff were “excited to be joining forces” with Emulex, which would give them a more global platform for its products.

The deal is expected to close in March 2013.

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