Suffolk County Council rolls out app design tool in schools

Suffolk County Council is to roll out an app development tool that will enable students across the region to design their own smartphone apps

Suffolk County Council is to roll out an app development tool to enable students across the region to design their own smartphone apps.

Suffolk County Council will trial the mobile app publishing tool from Jadu across five schools.

The move follows government plans last year to scrap the GCSE ICT curriculum and replace it with a more modern understanding of the subject.

Suffolk County Council procured the mobile app publishing tool through G-Cloud.

The tool allows technical and non-technical users to create and publish mobile apps in real time, without the need for approval through app stores or downloading to the user’s device.

Mark Adams-Wright, CIO of Suffolk County Council, said the body was looking to share the learning potential of the tool and planned to use it in more schools.

“We’ve now got the potential for an educational tool to improve ICT learning in the classroom, and put in new relevant learning," said Adams-Wright.

“From an educational point of view, it takes no time to develop, and it’s possible to introduce into all sorts of learners.

“We’ve now bought twice off the G-Cloud and are looking to G-Cloud 2, as we think that will help to make the processes more slick.

“We want to be cloud-friendly and push the envelope hard rather than wait for someone to show us the way. In some cases we won’t use G-Cloud and in others it will allow us to cut through some of the challenges and difficulties.”

Adams-Wright said Suffolk County Council was assessing a flexible working strategy, with mobile and desktop pilots underway.

“We are thrilled that one of the first G-Cloud procurements has had such a positive and dramatic effect,” said Denise McDonagh, G-Cloud Programme Director. 

“The impact that this initiative could be transformational for schools and their approach to teaching of ICT."

Jadu hopes to offer the tools to schools, colleges and universities nationwide.


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