Liverpool FC moves to the cloud with Amazon Web Services

Liverpool FC has migrated its website to a public cloud using Amazon Web Services

Liverpool FC, the most successful club in English football history, has migrated its website to a public cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The club's website experiences major peaks of traffic around match days and when major news breaks such as high-profile player transfers.

For example, during a recent game against Scottish club Hearts in the Uefa Europa League competition, the site saw a 165% jump in traffic in just three minutes.

Liverpool worked with cloud consultancy Cloudreach to move to AWS, to provide additional capacity for spikes of traffic, and extra processing and storage space at lower cost. When website traffic drops, the club can also decrease its infrastructure needs and pay less.

“Following an extensive planning phase we have moved through a relatively trouble free migration into day-to-day running and consolidation," said David Channon, solutions architect at Liverpool FC.

Michael Crowder, systems and development manager at Liverpool FC added: “We now have a more stable scalable and accountable platform, which is well set to cope with the business needs of the new season and beyond.”

The club has made use of online IT services for some time. It was one of the first English clubs to use hosted backup and recovery services in 2007.

Photo credit: Ben Sutherland at Flickr

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