The Best of vForum 2011 awards: A roundup

Instituted by and supported by VMware, The Best of vForum 2011 awards saw the best of India Inc battling it out for the honors.

This October witnessed many tough calls for Staff, with everyone caught up in The Best of vForum 2011 awards’ evaluation processes. The pressure intensified further, as nominations poured in for these awards. It is difficult when one has to choose winners from among elites in India when it comes to virtualization, cloud computing and IT as a Service.

The awards were divided into three categories – Innovation Excellence, Outstanding Business Value and IT as a Service leadership. Here’s a look at what each of these categories represent.

Innovation Excellence

The Innovation Excellence category honors organizations that innovatively use VMware’s technology to reap several business benefits. Innovation can be in the deployment of cloud computing or virtualization initiatives. Deployment of virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI), business continuity solutions and business critical application modernization were among the various projects that vied for this award.

Outstanding Business Value

This category recognizes achievements of organizations that realize significant return on investment (ROI) on its virtualization or cloud computing projects. Better ROI could have been achieved through cost savings, new business opportunities, revenue growth, better service delivery, or overall efficiency and agility improvements.

IT as a Service Leadership

Through this award, TechTarget recognizes the efforts of organizations that deploy virtualization and cloud computing initiatives with exceptional maturity and sophistication. Businesses with private cloud, hybrid cloud strategy or employed virtualization to revolutionize IT service delivery within their companies are eligible for nominations to this award.

The champions

The Jury Panel consisting of Kersi Tavadia, Chief Information Office (CIO) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Limited, T. Srinivasan, Managing Director, VMware India & SAARC and Anil Patrick R, Chief Editor, TechTarget India had a difficult time selecting the winners. After a multi-stage evaluation process, the panel zeroed in on the following businesses as the award winners in each of the categories.

  • Usha International Ltd bagged the Innovation Excellence award for server consolidation project. The project involves virtualization of its business critical applications such as SAP add-on modules for BI/BO, APO and SCM on virtual servers. A detailed case study highlighting Usha International’s project will be featured on soon.
  • HDFC Bank was honored with the Outstanding Business Value award, to recognize the savings it achieved through successful server consolidation deployment. The bank is now able to rapidly rollout branch offices, as well as accrue significant operational and cost benefits. Do check back soon on for a detailed look at this outstanding project.
  • Shoppers Stop received the IT as a Service Leadership award which allows it to provide compute resources on demand to its multiple business units. Shoppers Stop has capabilities like efficient micro partitioning, CPU and memory allocation, along with dynamic resource allocation enabled for optimized performance of application, according to business cycles. We will be shortly featuring this success story.

Now that you are familiar with the award winners, it’s time for a pictorial tour of this year’s VMware vForum 2011 held on November 1st in Mumbai. Here’s our view of what transpired at the event.

Vignettes from VMware vForum 2011

Case studies from The Best of vForum Awards 2011

Usha International reaps cost benefits from server consolidation

This year’s Innovation Excellence award winner Usha international is unique for its business-critical server consolidation and virtualization endeavor. This venture helped Usha International take on new challenges, as well as achieve an estimated cost saving of Rs 80 lakh. Access this case study to learn how the organization enhances business functionality and supports growing business needs with the power of server virtualization.

HDFC Bank’s server consolidation success story

Leading Indian BFSI player HDFC Bank won the Best of vForum 2011 award in the Outstanding Business Value Category for the savings it achieved through the successful deployment of server consolidation. This initiative helped HDFC rapidly rollout branch offices, as well as accrue significant operational and cost benefits. Learn how HDFC received a boost in branch-level banking through server consolidation in this case study.

Track Shoppers Stop’s gains from server virtualization

Leading Indian retail store chain Shoppers Stop won the Best of vForum award in the IT as a Service Leadership category. The IT as a service model helped Shoppers Stop achieve cost savings, rapid deployment capabilities and super efficiency with server virtualization. This case study highlights the challenges Shoppers Stop faced, and the benefits it gained as part of its server virtualization journey.

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