Bad Sectors – Dell, HP refresh storage ranges

Dell has announced new EqualLogic products, HP has announced a ‘storage federation’ and the VCE alliance has received a boost from a global partner.

HP has created a “storage federation” that it says can “transparently move application workloads between disk systems in virtualised and cloud computing environments.”

Dubbed HP Peer Motion, the new software operates on LeftHand and 3Par arrays and is said to allow redistribution of workloads between arrays without disrupting applications.

In a clear dig at rivals including EMC, the press release announcing the product says “Legacy storage systems architected 20 years ago were never designed for the dynamic IT-as-a-Service world, forcing organisations to use expensive and inefficient bolt-on virtualisation approaches,.”

Those words are attributed to Steve Kelly, general manager, Storage, HP South Pacific. Kelly is new to the gig, having previously been 3Par’s Australian General Manager. Another move at HP sees Mark Nielsen take up the role of Storage Product Management, Planning & Operations, HP South Pacific. Kelly is Nielsen’s new boss.

New EqualLogic

Dell has launched two new arrays in its EqualLogic range, and both can play happy with 2.5” disks – a first for the brand which is of course talking up the benefits that will come with greater density and lower power consumption.

The EqualLogic PS4100 Series can house up to 36TB in a single array and 72TB in a single group and will be thrust beneath the noses of smaller organisations.The EqualLogic PS6100 Series can reach 1.2PB in a single group and is aimed at highly virtualized users who run oodles of virtual machines.

The company has also announced plans to make all of its arrays – PoweVault, EqualLogic and Comepllent – play nicer with VMware. In a press release the company said Q3 and Q4 will see the introduction of:

  • Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware 3.1 — to bind arrays to vSphere 5;
  • Dell Compellent Storage Replication Adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 — supports automated failback from a disaster event and new workflows for planned migrations and downtime. Dell also is updating its Compellent plug-in support for VMware vSphere 5 to help customers more easily link their Compellent storage environment with virtualized resources. 
  • Dell PowerVault Integration with VMware vSphere 5 — so users can manage multiple PowerVaults from a single VMware vCenter Server instance.

CSC boosts VCE

CSC has announced the Australian launch of its BizCloud, a product it calls an “the first on-premise private cloud to be charged as a service.”

If you decide to buy one, you’ll be getting a vBlock, making this a nice new channel for the VCE Alliance.

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