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GDPR and SaaS knowledge ingredients for a top security partner

Kaspersky Lab has announced its partner of the year giving an insight into what makes a solid security provider

Meeting a growing demand for Security as a Service, helping customers navigate GDPR and making investments in building their own services capabilities seem to be the ingredients for a solid reseller in the current threat prevention market.

Kaspersky Lab has just announced its partner of the year, with Probrand picking up the honour, giving an insight into what makes a leading security player.

The answer it seems is a combination of factors, including demonstrating innovation around delivering services.

Ian Nethercot, supply chain director at Probrand, said that customers were getting more comfortable with security being delivered as a service.

"We are seeing that as a trend and with GDPR the threats are getting bigger and bigger every day and customers are becoming more aware," he added "Customers want and need to reduce risk and they want that as a service."

His views were echoed by Kasperky Lab, which has been increasing its support for MSPs since it launched a programme for those partners back in April.

"A lot of end users don't want to buy a license or a piece of hardware they want a managed service around that," said Russ Madley, UK head of B2B and channel, Kaspersky Lab "We are seeing that as a gear change from a user issue it is a big issue."

The other main driver in the market at the moment is GDPR and Probrand has developed its own user assessment tool with the vendor to help customers discover their levels of readiness.

"We are having a lot more conversations with users about GDPR," said Nethercot. "It is such a hot topic but with our presales staff we can educate customers and help them be compliant."

There has been some negative publicity around Kaspersky and its Russian connections with US government agencies indicating earlier this month they will no longer use the software, but Probrand has not seen that as an issue with customers.

"Customers are more interested in the problem they have got and how they solve it and its about the technology," said Matt Royle, marketing director at Probrand.

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