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5 April 2022

US offers concessions on surveillance and privacy as EU and US agree successor to Privacy Shield

The European Union and the US have reached a high-level agreement to allow transatlantic data sharing under a deal that promises better privacy rights for EU citizens and stronger oversight of US intelligence gathering. President Joe Biden and Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, announced that the EU and the US had reached agreement on a successor to the Privacy Shield data sharing agreement, ruled unlawful in July 2020 by an EU court. The White House said the US agreed to expand its oversight of US signals intelligence, strengthen civil liberties safeguards, and create a new binding legal mechanism that will give EU citizens rights of redress if they believe their data has been abused. The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework promises an end to nearly two years of legal uncertainty, particularly for small and medium-sized companies which largely relied on Privacy Shield as their sole legal basis for sharing data between Europe and the US. But questions remain whether any deal will fully meet concerns ...

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