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May-July 2018

Swedish study talks up benefits of artificial intelligence

A study by researchers at Sweden’s prestigious Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), which looks ahead at the likely impact of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics on people’s lives, should calm the nerves of economic planners and private citizens. The SSE study The substitution of labour concluded that the introduction of automation technologies will be gradual, and the long-term potential for society is job creation rather than job losses. The study took the fundamental view that the potential to automate non-routine tasks is likely to remain limited. This is the fifth report produced under the SSE’s three-year research project, “The internet and its direct and indirect effects on innovation and the Swedish economy”. The project is being funded by Sweden’s Internet Foundation, Internetstiftelsen i Sverige. At its core, the SSE report investigated the potential long-term impact of AI, machine learning and robotics technologies in the general area of labour replacement. “We found that technology advancement...

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